Student Members

Dear Student Colleague,

IDEALS appreciates your interest in becoming a student member.

IDEALS values diversity and does not have any restrictions on membership based on qualifications or occupation. If you have an interest in dental ethics or law you are welcome to apply regardless of whether you studying to be a dentist or other oral health professional, a lawyer or ethicist.

Our past and present members represent all of these groups and some are involved in more than one. More than 25 countries are, or have been represented in IDEALS membership. This provides you with a unique opportunity to discuss ethics and law from widely varied perspectives. You will be able to present your papers and possibly publish them. If you are doing a higher degree, you can investigate international as well as interdisciplinary ventures.

Once you have filled out the application form and paid your membership dues, and provided details of your academic institution,  we will send you confirmation of your membership and details of how to access the Members’ Only site.

Membership fees (for 2 years):

Student Member: €50

Although membership fees are €25 per year, members are requested to pay for two years to reduce bank charges.

By submitting your application for membership in IDEALS, you indicate your agreement with the mission and objectives of IDEALS and the conditions of membership as outlined in the Statutes.

A warm welcome to IDEALS

Honorary Secretary

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